Practice Areas


Practice Areas:

Below are some of the areas in which we practice.  Hover over the “Practice Areas” link above (or click the small triangle next to the “Practice Areas” link above, for further information and details. 

  • Criminal Defense
  • Felonies (Missouri - State)
    • Possession of marijuana over 35 grams
    • Possession of controlled substance other than marijuana
    • Trafficking or Manufacturing of Controlled Substance
    • Stealing over $750
    • Burglary (any amount)
    • Robbery (any amount)
    • Murder
    • Arson
    • Assault (generally third degree or special victim, and higher)
    • Driving While Intoxicated (third offense or injury/death)
    • Driving While Revoked fourth offense
    • Unlawful use of a weapon
    • Stalking 1st Degree
    • Harassment 1st Degree
  • Misdemeanors
    • Possession of marijuana under 35 grams
      • < 10g is a class D misdemeanor - a non-jailable offense
      • 10-35g is a class A misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in the county jail 
    • Stealing under $750
    • Assault in the 4th degree
    • Peace disturbance
    • Trespassing in the 1st or 2nd degree
    • Stalking 1st Degree
    • Harassment 1st Degree
    • Misdemeanor unlawful use of a weapon
    • Stalking 2nd degree
    • Harassment 2nd degree
  • DUI/DWIs
    • 1st offense - Class B misdemeanor - up to 6 months jail / $1,000 fine
    • 2nd offense (within 5 years) - Class A misdemeanor - up to 1 year jail / $2,000 fine

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The Casey Law Office, L.L.C. focuses in Criminal Defense. This includes both felony offenses and misdemeanors, as well as DUI/DWIs and civil rights violations. We are here to listen - and to help you navigate the criminal justice system.

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